Crevin is a third generation family-owned mill with product development, weaving, finishing and dyeing all taking place on site.


A passionate and imaginative company constantly exploring new ideas, materials, yarns and structures. They have mastered the process of weaving and finishing and are able to transform ideas into beautiful end-products.

Origin: Barcelona, Spain


Quality + Creativity

Driven by industrial proficiency, Crevin design unites high performance standards with a refined, contemporary aesthetic. Our fabrics owe their specific quality to double warps, high-quality yarns and tailored finishing, thanks to which they can be used and enjoyed over an indefinite period of time.

As both weavers and designers, Crevin is equally preoccupied with the emotional connection; this particular language hidden in textiles where art and aesthetics meet material, texture and color, accounting for the distinction that sets this brand apart.


For Crevin, sustainability is a mindset; it is about respect for people, culture and our natural surroundings. In their ultramodern facility they stay connected to their local textile heritage and remain affiliated with its craftsmanship and artisanal techniques.

They use raw materials and natural resources responsibly, sensibly and efficiently. Our manufacturing is certified under ISO 14001, the environmental management system that assures that the impact of their manufacturing process on the natural environment is kept to an absolute minimum.


They recycle 100% of their industrial waste. 

Contract Fabrics

Owing to a background in residential design, Crevin contract fabrics fuse the warmth of the home with the performance required for contract spaces. Crevin contract fabrics are double woven with FR yarn and comply with the BS 5852-0/1 and EN 1021-1/2 (cigarette and match) test requirements.

          ® is Crevin’s functional design brand that unites easy clean with performance and sustainability. Thanks to their high level of utility, Efficiency® fabrics guarantee untroubled, sustainable living, even in the most dynamic and demanding environments.

Easy Clean

Efficiency® fabrics possess an excellent cleaning quality that will keep upholstered furniture looking beautiful for years of enjoyment. 

  • Easy removal of household stains

  • Machine-washable

  • Lifelong protection against soiling


Efficiency® fabrics are designed for maximum utility and longevity, bringing peace-of-mind to the most active end-users.   

  • Double-weave construction

  • Premium raw materials

  • Long-lasting colors


Efficiency® promotes mindful consumption and offers a positive outlook on a more sustainable future.


  • 100% local production

  • Natural resource-friendly

  • Full recycling of industrial waste

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