We are committed to excellence.


We travel to the globe to provide our sophisticated clientele the finest artisan furnishings.

Our curated collections offer solutions to guarantee that your project has a distinctive look.


From concept to production, we assure that your designs are produced with accuracy and urgency.

Our position with the project team and unrivaled professional connections ensures your project is always high priority. 


We know that first impressions create lasting emotions.


Each item will be carefully inspected for quality and construction before delivery. 


our quality is measured by our clients' satisfaction. 


From concept to production, we assure that your designs are produced with accuracy and urgency. 


Planning and defining deliverables is key to keeping your project organized and successful. We pride ourselves in our ability to react quickly in addressing our clients' needs. 


Providing safe travel is our top priority. Our 15 years experience importing quality goods from around the globe positions us as a leader in our industry. 


Passion is the key to our success. 


Passion is an essential ingredient in the creative process. 


We are committed to excellence in executing and maintaining our client's loyalty.


Goals are achieved by working together. We are committed to promoting and facilitating synergy.

About Us


We are a husband and wife team. We started our first business in 2010, called Hammer and Hand Imports where we traveled to India and Bali rescuing antique and vintage furniture and architectural pieces. We sold 90% of our pieces online and shipped them all over the world. We started being noticed by designers and architects as an escape from mass produced items to give their projects that special look. The commercial designers we worked with asked if we could source modern pieces for their projects as our brand "look" was all about mixing our found pieces with modern decor. Fast forward to 2016 and an incredible trip to Barcelona! We added our first modern line to H&H. Over the next few years and the urging of many of our design clients, we began adding more lines and quickly stepped into the custom cabinetry game. We realized that we could still offer our "escape from mass produced" by offering materials that are made to order and are not always available in the USA. That's when H+H Modern was born. Most of our brands are only represented by our company.  We had such success that we built a relationship with an amazing factory outside of Barcelona that only builds kitchens for H+H Modern! Our brands and clients rely on our 15 years experience in importing, strong commitment to customer service and attention to detail to deliver the highest quality goods and experience.


We wear many hats! Amy handles the marketing, purchasing and communications with our clients and our brands in Europe. Her ability to communicate clearly and dedication to meeting deadlines are two of her most impressive qualities and extremely important in this industry. Chris handles field measuring, logistics and receiving. He has been in the import furniture industry for over 16 years. He also has a great eye for design and understands layout and the function of a space.


We have two children, both girls, 16 and 11 years old. Both very creative young ladies!


What is our experience with importing international goods?

We have been traveling the world procuring and importing exotic artisan furniture for over 15 years. 

How do we select our lines?

We travel the globe and hand select them! We have a closer personal relationship with our brands. We often visit the factories to gain a better understanding of their artisan finishing and quality of the materials.

Will you be working with us?

Yes! Just us. Our devotion to our client's runs deeper than the transaction. We are motivated by our client's satisfaction and are always here to see your project through to the very end. 

Products + Pricing

H+H Modern offers exclusive access to curated artisan furnishings for our members, design clients and to the trade. 


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